I knew little about umpiring, despite playing and watching baseball my whole life. When I met IBUA lead-instructors Frank Leparik and Ron Covais at a high school mechanics class, a whole new vision and avocation was born. Once I was invited in and attended additional IBUA training, it all began to come together. The foundation on which I have developed my craft has enabled me to confidently work NCAA games at the Div. I, II and III levels since 1999. I have had the good fortune to work three D II Regionals. In 2006 I was selected to work the D II College World Series in Montgomery, AL. To this day I continue to contact Ron and Frank; we review different scenarios and discuss ways to improve my game. Thanks to the IBUA, I truly have become a "Student of the Game" .

— Phil Capozzola

Why IBUA Mentoring?

The IBUA is a rare group among umpiring groups. Our concern is for the quality of our roster, not the quantity of our membership. Through attentive mentoring, many of our diligent young umpires have earned excellent reputations on the field. The role of mentoring in an official's success cannot be overstated. At IBUA, our veteran umpires take a keen interest in the progression of our newer members. It is this rapport, coupled with savvy advice, that benefits the entire organization, and forms the basis for strong, respectful friendships, both on the field and off.

Steve Moffett

Andrew Schiavo

Brian Drury